Founded by André Courrèges in 1961, the Courrèges House revolutionized the couture and design worlds. While haute couture is favoring close-fitting garments, Courrèges frees women from any fashion restriction. He offers them little white leather boots and shorter dresses, and triumphs with his mini-skirt. He imposes trousers, short pants, combi-shorts and “second-skin” tights. His structured garments favored clean lines made for bodies in motion – along with an awakening society.

André Courrèges makes white sacred, then multiplies variations on color and new materials such as vinyl or plexi. It was an instant success all over the world. In 1965 the House moves to 40 rue François 1er in Paris, where it still is today. In 1967, the Couture Future is launched close to haute couture. Since then, Courrèges has never stopped shaking things up everywhere it ventured into, with the launching of perfumes such as Empreinte or Eau de Courrèges, but also Courrèges Homme, the Sport Futur line, or Courrèges Design. In 2011 Coqueline Courrèges transfered the House to Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting. The aim is to relaunch the brand in all fields , still offering innovative and modern products, faithful to the Founder’s original ideal. Movement, purity, color, light : Courrèges is asserting its eminently optimistic and lively style.

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